Hotspot Screen Improvements

We’ve made some minor adjustments to the hotspot template to improve the usability for course creators, and optimized the experience for learners. 

What’s changed? 

Inline editing

The hotspot screen now includes inline editing so you can see exactly how the screen is going to appear without having to preview it. You can even build your hotspots on mobile!

Smart tips

Hotspot tips now automatically choose the correct orientation and width. This ensures that learners get the best experience, no matter their screen size. 

New text editor

The hotspot screen includes our beautiful new text editor that we'll be rolling out to all of our screen templates as they're updated. 

🎉 Coassemble Reinvents the Wheel!

We've just dropped the hotly anticipated update to the wheel screen template for lessons! 

What’s changed? 

Wheel on mobile devices

The wheel is now visible on mobile devices. Gone is the old accordion menu that replaced the wheel on smaller screens.  

Inline editing

Inline editing allows you to see exactly what you’re designing. Create wheel screens on the fly right on your desktop or mobile device without having to preview. 

Smart color

The wheel now automatically picks a different color for each individual slice based on your primary workspace color. This means your wheel will always look good! 

If you don't want your colors picked for you, then don't worry, you can choose to make your wheel slices whatever colour you like. 

Simple reorder

Reorder wheel slices from the advanced settings menu

New text editor

The wheel screen includes our beautiful new text editor. We will be rolling this out to the entire platform gradually as we include additional functionality.

Make sure to check out the wheel demo to see how it now works on all devices!

🎉 A Fresh New Look for Assignments

The Coassemble team has been hard at work re-designing the assignments module to give your learners and course creators an amazing experience taking and creating assignments. 

Apart from the fact that assignments now look amazing, we’ve made some changes to the way learners navigate through assignments, and added some additional functionality for trainers creating assignments.

What’s changed for learners? 

Assignment overview

The assignment description, now called ‘Overview’, has its own dedicated screen, providing learners with clear information on their status, when the assignment is due, and what the assignment is about. 

Navigating assignments

Assignments are now more like quizzes and lessons where learners can navigate through each question from the sidebar navigation. Each question now has its own screen. 

Summary screen

We’ve added a summary screen to provide learners more clarity around their next steps. The summary displays relevant information depending on where learners are at. 

Scenarios include: 

  • The learner has incomplete questions
  • The learner is complete and should now submit their assignment
  • Confirmation of assignment submission
  • Grading pending 
  • Trainer feedback and grades

What’s changed for trainers? 

Pushing forward with our goal of developing inline editing for all our templates, we’ve tried to match the creation experience with how your learners experience taking the assignment. This helps trainers experience the assignment as the learner does, providing more context and helping them deliver a better experience for learners. 

Overview page

Following along with the changes made for learners, assignments include a dedicated overview screen. This is where the assignment description will appear, along with the ability to add a custom header color or image. 

Adding questions

Adding questions is similar to the way you add quiz questions in the quiz module. Simply add questions from the sidebar and edit them using our inline text editor. 

Embed Screen for Lessons

New to the platform is the Embed screen for lessons. The Embed screen allows users to embed content from third-party platforms and websites. Use the Embed screen inside lessons to:

  • Embed a survey to get feedback from learners about your course
  • Embed google maps to show your company location to customers
  • Embed forms for team members to make formal requests
  • Embed a calendar booking widget to book demo with leads
  • Embed a podcast from Spotify to support an idea in your course
  • Embed a Social media post from Facebook

We know that many of you have used the text with image screen to embed content in the past and encourage you to transfer that content over. 

Check out the Embed screen demo to see how you can use it inside your lessons. 

Document Screen for Lessons

A new addition to our lesson screen types is the document screen. We’ve always had a document module, and due to popular demand we’ve made it available as a lesson screen. 

Now you can embed and display PDFs, Word documents, and Spreadsheets into lessons screens to be displayed inline, or as a download link

🕵️ Click to View Images at Full Size

We've added zoom functionality to the Slideshow and Text and Image screen types so that learners can now see your images at full size. 

Simply click to reveal, and dismiss to go back.

We'll be adding this functionality to more screen types where needed, so contact us and let us know where you'd like this feature added next. 

🎉 Single page course builder is here!

The single page course builder is here — jump into a course to see what's new!

Course builder navigation

The new builder sidebar is designed to replicate the learner experience — using the sidebar, you can add and edit modules, build lessons and quizzes, and navigate through the course the same way your learners do. Everything is visible in a single page - less back and forth, more time creating!


Every quiz and checkpoint question has been redesigned for learners, and builders. Trainers can now see exactly how quizzes will look while building them, with inline editors replicating what learners will see.

Publish / Revert changes 

Publish or revert multiple module changes at the same time using the new publish modal. No need to navigate to individual modules. 

Document, Video, External link, and SCORM modules

The Document, Video, External link, and SCORM modules have all been converted to inline editors. 


The enrollments tab can now be accessed by clicking the 'Enrollments' button on the top-right-hand-side of the screen. 

Finish screen and Certificates

The finish screen and certificates have been combined so they bookend the new builder nicely at the bottom of the screen. 

🎉 Inline Editing Is Here!

We have just released inline editing for 4 lesson screen types:

  • Text with Image
  • Video
  • Slideshow 
  • Checkpoint (partial) 

Now you can see how the screen will look without having to preview it! Make sure you check out the new editors and let us know what you think. 

We'll be transitioning all of our editors to inline over the coming months, so keep a lookout for more announcements as we roll out each update. 

Updated WYSIWYG editor

Our WYSIWYG editor has just been updated with an improved UI that displays only the most frequently used options in the WYSIWYG toolbar. 

To access additional options, we've created three new menus that group options into the following categories:

  • More paragraph options 
  • More text options
  • More rich media options

Simply click the menu icons to reveal a row of additional options for that category.

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