Launch SCORM in a New Window

For those of you using SCORM objects, you can now configure your SCORM files to launch in a new window.  This allows your SCORM content to really shine, and ensures the Coassemble navigation doesn't get in the way. 

To use this feature, simply check the  this option, simply check the 'Launch in new window' option when adding your SCORM packages. 

Major Performance Improvement

We've just released a major performance update  meaning your workspace will be running at least 2x the speed it was in last month. 

We know we have a lot more to do in this space, and we're working hard at it. Look forward to more performance improvements coming soon!

Changes to the Home Screen

A number of changes were made to the home screen to make it more intuitive and performant for all of our users. 

These changes included:

  • New and improved UI to make it easier for you to access courses
  • The removal of lessons and quizzes from the home screen
  • The removal of the activity log