Tabs Screen — More Options, New Name!

The Drop Tab screen template has been relaunched as Tabs! Along with the new name comes a whole bunch of new functionality and options. 

New tab layout options

Tired of looking for an image for each tab? Now you don’t have to! This release comes with some great new layout options that allow you to choose between showing an image only, an image and label, or a label only. 

Add an additional image with SmartLayout™ 

The introduction of SmartLayout™ to the Tabs screen provides users the option of adding an additional image.  SmartLayout™gives you more control over how the content on each tab is presented by giving you the ability to drag columns to the left or right, making images larger, or even setting them as a background. 

Add unlimited tabs

Got more ideas that can fit in a single row? No worries. Tabs screen now let’s you add as many tabs as you like! Learners won’t have any trouble finding hidden tabs, as the next one is always visible.

Other notable changes

This release includes intuitive inline editing, simple item reordering from the advanced settings menu, and the inclusion of our beautiful new text editor.

🎉 SmartLayout™ for Steps Screen

Some amazing changes have just landed for the Steps screen template for lessons, including our new SmartLayout™ feature!

What’s changed? 


The steps template introduces our new SmartLayout™ feature. SmartLayout™ uses a flexible grid system that allows you to drag an image or text box to the left or right. The elements you drag will snap to the grid ensuring that the design always looks spot on. 

The addition of SmartLayout™ means that the Steps template comes with five additional layout options. 

Fit and fill image options

Images added to the steps screen no longer need to be cropped. Just add an image, and it fills the allocated space. If you want to show the entire image, toggle the image fit option. 

Inline editing

Inline editing allows you to see exactly what you’re designing. Create steps screens on the fly right on your desktop or mobile device without having to preview. 

Step label edit

You can now change the 'Step #' label to be anything you like. E.g. Step 1, can become Page 1. 


Reorder steps from the advanced settings menu

New text editor

The steps screen includes our beautiful new text editor. 

Check out the Steps screen demo  to see some of the new layout options. 

Embed Screen for Lessons

New to the platform is the Embed screen for lessons. The Embed screen allows users to embed content from third-party platforms and websites. Use the Embed screen inside lessons to:

  • Embed a survey to get feedback from learners about your course
  • Embed google maps to show your company location to customers
  • Embed forms for team members to make formal requests
  • Embed a calendar booking widget to book demo with leads
  • Embed a podcast from Spotify to support an idea in your course
  • Embed a Social media post from Facebook

We know that many of you have used the text with image screen to embed content in the past and encourage you to transfer that content over. 

Check out the Embed screen demo to see how you can use it inside your lessons. 

Document Screen for Lessons

A new addition to our lesson screen types is the document screen. We’ve always had a document module, and due to popular demand we’ve made it available as a lesson screen. 

Now you can embed and display PDFs, Word documents, and Spreadsheets into lessons screens to be displayed inline, or as a download link

🕵️ Click to View Images at Full Size

We've added zoom functionality to the Slideshow and Text and Image screen types so that learners can now see your images at full size. 

Simply click to reveal, and dismiss to go back.

We'll be adding this functionality to more screen types where needed, so contact us and let us know where you'd like this feature added next. 

🎉 Single page course builder is here!

The single page course builder is here — jump into a course to see what's new!

Course builder navigation

The new builder sidebar is designed to replicate the learner experience — using the sidebar, you can add and edit modules, build lessons and quizzes, and navigate through the course the same way your learners do. Everything is visible in a single page - less back and forth, more time creating!


Every quiz and checkpoint question has been redesigned for learners, and builders. Trainers can now see exactly how quizzes will look while building them, with inline editors replicating what learners will see.

Publish / Revert changes 

Publish or revert multiple module changes at the same time using the new publish modal. No need to navigate to individual modules. 

Document, Video, External link, and SCORM modules

The Document, Video, External link, and SCORM modules have all been converted to inline editors. 


The enrollments tab can now be accessed by clicking the 'Enrollments' button on the top-right-hand-side of the screen. 

Finish screen and Certificates

The finish screen and certificates have been combined so they bookend the new builder nicely at the bottom of the screen. 

🎉 Inline Editing Is Here!

We have just released inline editing for 4 lesson screen types:

  • Text with Image
  • Video
  • Slideshow 
  • Checkpoint (partial) 

Now you can see how the screen will look without having to preview it! Make sure you check out the new editors and let us know what you think. 

We'll be transitioning all of our editors to inline over the coming months, so keep a lookout for more announcements as we roll out each update. 

Checkpoint Navigation and Answer Submission

We've made some exciting changes to the way your learners interact with Checkpoint templates in the Lesson module. 


Checkpoints now appear as individual questions in the sidebar menu, making it easier for learners to know where they're up to. 

Answer submission

Checkpoints now require learners to submit their answers before confirming whether they've got the answer correct. This leads to a less abrupt experience where learners were faced with a feedback pop-up immediately after they've attempted to answer a question. 

Enrollment Links for Groups

We've just released Enrollment links for groups! 

This means that you can now share a single link that will automatically enroll the recipient into multiple courses.

How do these differ from Enrollment links that you create in a course? 

The main differences are as follows:

  • An Enrollment link is automatically created for every group when you need it
  • You can't delete a group Enrollment link
  • Group Enrollment links are accessed from the Users > Groups > Group screen
  • When a learner access a group Enrollment link they are directed to the learner dashboard, instead of directly to a single course

To find out more, check out our help centre article on Enrollment links.

Course Templates

Course templates are here! 

We've started small by adding 4 common-use course templates to our library that you can use to create courses specifically for your business. These templates include:

  • Company onboarding
  • Remote work policy
  • Social media policy
  • Talking to customers

We hope these templates will be a great starting point for you to create onboarding or policies for your company using Coassemble.

If you have any ideas for additional templates you'd like to see in the library, please let us know and we'll do our best to deliver them!

To check out our course templates, simply click the 'Create course' button on the home screen and choose 'Use a template'. 

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