A Simpler Way to Share Courses and Track Your Learners!

Sharing a course with learners, and tracking how they are doing is easier than ever with our brand new share and learners modals (popups). These modals can be accessed from both the courses dashboard or from within the course builder. 

Prior to this release, course learners and the sharing functionality were combined. We chose to decouple this functionality in order to simplify the process for each task. 

Sharing your course

You can now access all 3 enrolment options from a single share menu. These options include:  

  1. Sharing via email (add new or existing users & existing groups)
  2. Share with a link — copy a link and deliver it to your users any way you choose. 
  3. Share with embed code — get an embed code to share courses on your website. 

Course learners modal

The new learners modal provides a quick and easy view of all learners enrolled in a course. This can be accessed from either the courses dashboard, or from within the course builder. Another plus is the ability to track the progress of all learners, grouped or ungrouped. 

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