๐ŸŽ‰ Coassemble Reinvents the Wheel!

We've just dropped the hotly anticipated update to the wheel screen template for lessons! 

What’s changed? 

Wheel on mobile devices

The wheel is now visible on mobile devices. Gone is the old accordion menu that replaced the wheel on smaller screens.  

Inline editing

Inline editing allows you to see exactly what you’re designing. Create wheel screens on the fly right on your desktop or mobile device without having to preview. 


The wheel now automatically picks a different color for each individual slice based on your primary workspace color. This means your wheel will always look good! 

If you don't want your colors picked for you, then don't worry, you can choose to make your wheel slices whatever colour you like. 

Simple reorder

Reorder wheel slices from the advanced settings menu

New text editor

The wheel screen includes our beautiful new text editor. We will be rolling this out to the entire platform gradually as we include additional functionality.

Make sure to check out the wheel demo to see how it now works on all devices!