Fresh New Look and Layout Options for Timeline Screen

The timeline screen is sporting a fresh new look with some game changing layout options you're going to love!

What's new?

Layout options

Switch between Left, Right, or Center aligned layout options. 

Fit, fill, plus resize image options

Add an image at any ratio or size you want, and it will automatically fit to the container. If you want to show the entire image, you can toggle the image fit option. If you want to make the image take up more space on the card, simply drag the image container downwards to make it taller. 


SmartColor™ has been introduced to automatically pick a different color for each individual item based on your primary workspace color. You can override the workspace color from the advanced settings menu if you want the gradient to be based off a different color.

If you don't want to use SmartColor™ at all, don’t worry, you can change each individual item color to be whatever you like.

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