⚙️ Global Course Settings with Group Overrides

Course settings have been moved to a new global location that can be accessed from the course builder and the trainer dashboard. Included in this update is the ability to create global course completion settings that can be overridden per group. 

From the new course settings modal, you can access all of the course settings related to the course, including those that previously needed to be accessed from each individual group. 

Global completion settings

Apart from the fact that you can now access course settings from the trainer dashboard, the best thing about this update is that you can now create global completion settings for the course. Now, instead of creating settings for each individual group, you can set completion settings globally, which are in-turn inherited by every group. If you do have one group that you want set up differently, you just need to override the individual settings for that group. 

Note that existing group settings will remain intact and will appear as overrides.