Image Editor Improvements

We've just launched some major improvements to the image editor to make adding images to your courses easier than ever 🎉

So what's new? 

Improved cropping functionality

We've spent a lot of time refining our cropping tool so that it crops just the way you intended it to. 

More clarity around forced ratios

There are many lesson templates that enforce specific crop ratios for images. We do this to ensure each image is displayed as intended (e.g. not stretched or squashed). It wasn't always clear why, but the improved UI will now let you know when a ratio is enforced, so you choose the image that best suits your design. 

Integrated alternative text input

We've integrated the ALT text function into the image editor so that you can add alternative text at the same time you add your image. 

Ratio select options

Crop like a pro using the quick ratio select options. No more guessing, no more hoping you've cropped it just right..