Inline Editing and SmartColor™ for Springy List Screen

We’ve just introduced inline editing and SmartColor™ for the Springy list screen for lessons

What’s changed? 

Inline editing

Inline editing allows you to see exactly what you’re designing. Create a springy list screen on the fly, right on your desktop or mobile device without having to preview. 


Like the Wheel Screen, the Springy list now automatically picks a different color for each individual list item based on your primary workspace color. This means your springy list will always look good!

SmartColor™ even works when you add a background image. After you add a background image, you’ll notice that the buttons become semi-transparent to make it easier for learners to see the image, but when you click on each button, it becomes solid and displays the correct color.  

Not interested in SmartColour™? You can now change each individual list button color to be whatever you like!

Reorder inline

Reorder springy list items by clicking and dragging, or by using the simple reorder feature from the advanced settings menu.

New text editor

The springy list screen includes our new text editor.