New Layout Options for Flowchart Screen

The Flowchart screen now comes with some fun new layout options that change the way learners navigate through your flows. 

These new layout options include; Ladder, Stairs, and Vertical. 

What else is new? 


Fine-tune the layout for each card using Coassembles’ SmartLayout™ technology. Drag columns to the left, or right to make the images larger, or even set them as a background image. 

Fit and fill image options

Images added to the Flowchart screen no longer need to be cropped. Just add an image, and it fills the allocated space. If you want to show the entire image, toggle the image fit option. 

Other notable changes

As with all our latest screen template updates, this release includes intuitive inline editing, simple item reordering from the advanced settings menu, and the inclusion of our beautiful new text editor.