Select Correct Image Challenge Screen Update

Hi there, 

We've just released an exciting update to the Select correct image challenge screen. The update includes inline editing, our SmartLayout™ grid system, and improved navigation for learners. 

Question slides

Each question now appears as a seperate slide, with the next slide always visible, letting learners know there is more to come. Just to be sure, we've also added slide numbers. 

Adjust the height of rows

SmartLayout™ allows you to click and drag between rows to increase the height of all rows to display larger images. 

Fit and fill image options

Images added to this screen no longer need to be cropped. Just add an image, and it fills the allocated space. If you want to show the entire image, toggle the image fit option. 

Other notable changes

This release includes intuitive inline editing so you can see exactly what the learner will see as you create the screen. 

You can now re-order items from the advanced settings menu. 

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We'll have more updates coming your way very soon!