SmartColor™ Backgrounds for Image-Based Screens

As a course creator, you may really love the image based screen layouts, but sometimes find it really hard getting an image for every single item. If this sounds like you, then you'll be happy to hear that we've just released SmartColor™ support for all of the image based lesson screen templates. These include; Image click, Image plus, Side slide, Text pop, Icon hover, Showcase, and Tabs. 

How do SmartColor™ backgrounds work?

When you add a new item on any of the aforementioned screens, a color will automatically be chosen to fill the background of the item. The color chosen will be based off your theme, meaning that if you don't use images, your screen will still look great, and conform with your workspace theme and brand. 

Although we still recommend you add images to each item, the addition of background color extends the use-case for each of these screen types. What's more, when using transparent images like icons, instead of getting an ugly grey background, your transparent icons will pop with colors that match your brand. 

If you don't like the colors the system has chosen for you, don't worry, you can change each individual color to be whatever you want. 

Will this change my existing screens? 

Unless your images are transparent, existing screens will look exactly the same because solid images will always cover the background fill. 


  • By default, backgrounds will be filled with a color based off your theme.
  • The background color of each item can be changed individually with the color picker
  • Transparent images allow the background color to show through
  • Adding a solid image will hide the background color