🎉 SmartLayout™ for Steps Screen

Some amazing changes have just landed for the Steps screen template for lessons, including our new SmartLayout™ feature!

What’s changed? 


The steps template introduces our new SmartLayout™ feature. SmartLayout™ uses a flexible grid system that allows you to drag an image or text box to the left or right. The elements you drag will snap to the grid ensuring that the design always looks spot on. 

The addition of SmartLayout™ means that the Steps template comes with five additional layout options. 

Fit and fill image options

Images added to the steps screen no longer need to be cropped. Just add an image, and it fills the allocated space. If you want to show the entire image, toggle the image fit option. 

Inline editing

Inline editing allows you to see exactly what you’re designing. Create steps screens on the fly right on your desktop or mobile device without having to preview. 

Step label edit

You can now change the 'Step #' label to be anything you like. E.g. Step 1, can become Page 1. 


Reorder steps from the advanced settings menu

New text editor

The steps screen includes our beautiful new text editor. 

Check out the Steps screen demo  to see some of the new layout options.